Born and raised in Campbell, CA and introduced to punk rock in the Eighties, I moved to Hawaii in 1992 and love it here. Starting out as a DJ at KTUH FM soon after and later launching Hawaiian Express Records, I have been trying to support bands and fans ever since. debuted on 01/01/01 as a way of advertising ALL the 'alternative' concerts in the islands, not just my own.


Releasing over 140 albums and promoting hundreds of special events with thousands of different bands to date, I truly appreciate your interest and support!!!


We're organized a FREE all ages show on March 20th, 2015 to mark the 20 year milestone and have been posting images from the archives to Instagram under the hashtag "HwnExp20" if you'd like to check it out!

- Jason Miller



Add show highlights going back to '95, but you can see lots of old flyers on my facebook pages.


*No shady actions here... I track everything, pay taxes, and just aim to break even...  I even formally signed up for a business license in March of 1995.
Important: Bands that I've worked with on albums, have you checked your account balance lately? Get in touch any time.


Keep in mind... Aloha does not equal weakness... but positivity, unity, and brotherhood are very good things.